“Because I Knew You”

George W. Bush Institute
2943 SMU Blvd.
Dallas, TX 75205
Reflecting on what we have learned, seen, and felt together C.U.R.E. invites you to join us for this year’s World AIDS Day program.  Our theme, Because I Knew You, is a reminder how so many of us have been touched and inspired by the people we’ve known and lost to AIDS.

The evening’s artists and presenters provide an occasion to commemorate this day of remembrance and also mark the 30th anniversary of The Names Project AIDS Memorial Quilt, a unique piece of art that presents a public means of remembrance and healing.   

The evening’s artists include performances by:

The Dallas Dance Black Theater, Encore! – This professional company features the best and most promising students of the Dallas Black Dance Academy. Over time, the company has grown in breadth, attracting artists who aspire to professional careers in dance.


Ms. Heidi Lee - “Broadway talent, with vocal rapture, sings like a bird.”  “Playbill”. 1997 would be a pivotal year for Heidi and the lyricists and musicians…   “A Mother’s Masterpiece” would garner the attention of a community that will always be affected by HIV/AIDS.  The raw emotion yet poignant lyrics will be forever remembered. 

The Dallas Dance Black Theater, Encore!

Ms. Heidi Lee

Open Heart Award Recipients:
Dallas Voice – The Premiere Media Source for LGBT Texas
Raeline Nobles – Retired CEO of Prism Health North Texas (formerly AIDS Arms)
Elias Cantu - Deputy of LGBT for North Texas LULAC; Board Member for AIDS Walk South Dallas


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